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Off Road (Overlander) Trailer Build

I was bitten by the overland trailer bug a couple of years ago. After numerous visits to the surplus store ...
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Treehouse Master!!!

My kids made me watch every episode. Great show. Awesome treehouses! The problem? I'm now building a treehouse! I have ...
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Jeep YJ Rear Bumper Build

As with the front bumper, I wanted something beefy and simple. I am reusing photos from the Jeep YJ Front ...
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Tiny, Pocket, Micro Wood Burning Stove

This is an article to discuss my building of a tiny wood stove, also referred to as a pocket stove ...
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Jeep YJ Front Bumper Build

Last October I purchased a 1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ (2.5L) from my brother. Needless to say it was his "toy" ...
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