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Treehouse Master!!!

My kids made me watch every episode. Great show. Awesome treehouses! The problem? I’m now building a treehouse!

I have a large pecan tree that will act as the centerpiece to my treehouse.

I drew up my initial plan, a deck around the tree. Later, if I haven’t given up, I’ll actually keep going until there is a house on top.

I started with the posts. 8 of them around the perimeter. There will be one 6×6 post in the center for much needed support. An afterthought admittedly.

The first post hole. I actually thought about quitting right at this point. When I ran into a stubborn root!
Two holes down. 7 to go!
3 holes, if you’re counting.
All perimeter holes dug and posts set.
The odd angles required me to make my own brackets. This is not a perfect octagon. That would have been too easy.

some 1/4″x6′ plate steel. This is gonna take some time.
Drilling is my business! And business is good!!!


Each bracket would be different due to the angles. I marked them with a number and wrote the necessary angle on each end for reference.


20-ton air hydraulic press brake made bending these plates child’s play.


All the brackets ready for cleanup and painting.


I had to build a brake for my 20-ton press to bend the 1/4″x6″ steel plates that I would use for the brackets.

I then prepped, painted, and mounted the brackets.

I used 5/8″x6″ galvanized bolts to mount the bracket to the columns. I will use 1/2″x5″ galvanized bolts to connect the beams.

Now we’re cooking! The first bracket is mounted and looks good.
2 mounted and so far, no issues.

Now it was time to build my first perimeter beam. I decided to use 2 2x8s glued and screwed together.

Here are the first ones mounted.

After mounting all of the brackets I installed my first beam.
My angles turned out to be close enough for backyard engineering.
Top view of the first beam.
Backside view.

The kids helped me. Finally!!! They bolted in the very last bolt of the last perimeter beam. Thanks guys!

How many monkeys does it take…


Now the center post is cemented in and I am fabricating a bracket that will mount to it and will hold all the cross beams that extend out to the perimeter.

I installed a 6″x6″ center post for additional needed support.
this 6″id pipe will serve as the centerpiece of my bracket.
This will soon be the center bracket.
I’m not a professional welder, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night…
The basic shape of the bracket.
Adding the gussets for strength.
Tack and check before finalizing the weld. I know, from experience…
Clean the metal before welding it.
Initial fit-up. Just to make sure I’m on the right track.

Before I got too deep into the bracket project, I did a test fit. Looks like it will work!

The final shape. Just needs to be cleaned and painted.
7/16″ holes drilled for the 3/4″ lag bolts that will secure it to the post.
At this point I felt the sense of relief as it was finished. Then reality set in. I still have to clean and prep the metal for painting. My least favorite part. Grinding!
Most of the rust cleaned off and I will coat it with a spray of diluted Jasco prep, which is acid and water that will turn the remaining light rust into a paintable surface and will prep the part for max adhesion of the paint.

I’ve finished the bracket and need to prep it for painting. I ground off most of the rust and will prep it with a coating of Jasco metal prep. Then paint.

I painted it AFTER I put it on the post. Much easier this way.
Not too shabby.

Here is the painted bracket set on its post.

Another view of the bracket.

I’ll use (3) 5/8″x4″ lag bolts to secure the center bracket once it is correctly positioned.   

This little creature better give me a hand or get out of my way. Creepy little thing.


Laying out the 2x8s that will tie the perimeter beams to the center support post


Everything is tied in.

 The remaining photos show the progress up until now.